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Decorating Den Interiors – C&J Interiors offers professional interior design services. We are a top 3 producing Decorating Den Interiors worldwide and have 5-star ratings on all social media platforms. We have been featured in several publications and have been awarded first place in the international dream room competition. Keep up with what’s new at C&J Interiors.

We would love to discuss your clients’ interior design needs, from a remodel or a new build, to just adding finishing touches, we can help your clients make their new house feel like a home. Working with an interior designer is a great way to enhance your clients’ experience and end result.

To thank you for your referral, we have developed a Realtor referral program: 3% referral payment on total invoice of delivered items. If you have referred a client, thank you! In order to receive payment, please fill out our referral form.

Moving to Texas two years ago was hard. Bringing our Virginia-sized (and styled) furniture to fit a Texas-sized house was even harder. I knew I needed professional help to keep what I treasured and blend it with new furniture that would last. Enter Jill and Charla with C&J Interiors. They took the time to hear what I liked, what I didn’t, what my price points were and what my priorities were. They created an extensive gallery of furniture and accessories that hit the mark in every way. So much so that while I had planned on doing the furnishing in phases, I did more than I expected right away — it just all worked! They blended what I really wanted to keep and made it all work. I love how warm and cozy everything is, and you can bet I’ll call them the next time I need design help!

– Julia B.

Wow! Absolutely blown away by the way Charla and Jill transformed our home. They were so good at listening to what we wanted yet guiding us to what would look best! I recommend them to everyone who is looking for help with their home!! C&J Interiors is the best of the best!!!

– Tiffany

Charla Traugott, Interior Designer

Charla has always had a flair for decorating since she was young. She knew she loved it from the beginning. Over a period of time and also attending ULL, majoring in Interior Design, it enhanced her vision of achieving this goal. Now with a lot of motivation, she has over a decade of experience in the decorating industry.

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Jill Shuey, Interior Designer

With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Jill has developed a keen eye for creating an ambiance which includes awe inspiring surroundings.

Jill grew up in Conroe, Texas in Montgomery County. She studied and graduated from the Art Institute in Houston, Texas. She has the ability to adapt to each client’s diverse needs, by translating and blending ideas to fit your individual and unique style. Jill is able to find creative ways to service budget conscious clients and help them achieve their dream homes.

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Keeping it simple, when passing on our name to your client, please make sure to have your client tell us who referred us. This will be first question we will ask