Charla Traugott

Charla has always had a flair for decorating since she was young. She knew she loved it from the beginning. Over a period of time and also attending ULL, majoring in Interior Design, it enhanced her vision of achieving this goal. Now with a lot of motivation, she has over a decade of experience in the decorating industry.

Charla is known to be a go getter and there is nothing which is too much trouble or work for her. She has this unquenchable desire to go above and beyond her client’s requests to give them the best experience possible. Her goal is to do this with laughter and fun. This enables her clients to be relaxed about the changes and to enjoy their decorating process with ease and little, if any, stress.

Charla makes sure her choices are client focused and pays attention to detail of her work. Her flexibility with their preferences is always doable and she sees her work as very rewarding. Nothing makes Charla happier than a client who is pleased when the job is done. It has always been Charla’s mission to create new interiors with a fresh perspective which uniquely reflects the clients preferences, personality and their desires.

Charla is married to Darrell S. Traugott and she has two beautiful step daughters, Tori and Maura. One of their most cherished things in life is their adorable Bichon Frishee, Monte. Charla and Darrell are both natives of Louisiana but have adapted and enjoy living here in Montgomery County. They moved here as the result of a job transfer for Darell in February 2012. Her family always comes first and it the most important part of her life. Charla is an active member of the Women of Woodforest. She takes an active part in the organization and enjoys mingling and getting to know the other members.

Charla is always eager to work with her customers to get them the results they desire. She finds it very rewarding to produce original results by producing originality in her designs. Her aim is to uniquely reflect each individual clients style. When the project is complete. each client can be assured their styles, personalities and priorities will finally emerge. It is Charla’s mission to take pride in her ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. She truly loves what she does. It is evident when her projects are done.

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